Welcome to our community website.

We are a gaming group that loves playing all sorts of games together.
Most of our members are adults, but we also have some younger members that play games.

Our members usualy have their own group they hangout with,
We don’t want to exclude anyone so you can always ask if you can play with a certain group.

We use TeamSpeak 3 for our communication.
Languages we use: Dutch,English.
We have members from all over the globe.

If you want to join our community please make sure to read all we have on this website,
that way you’ll be informed about everything we do / have and ask from our members.

We enforce our rules to keep the community clean and fun.

For further questions or comments you can ask a admin or moderator.

Rob ( Mechanoid )


Join the steam group

We are more then just a group, we are family!

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We are looking for some
more Minecraft players.

If you’re interrested please leave a message on the board or join the steam group and ask mechanoid or any moderator.